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Discuss Wagga web design goals

Step 1. Discuss Goals

The first thing we like to do is sit down with you and discuss WHY you would like a website. This meeting is free of charge and we're always happy to chat to businesses who are shopping around as we're confident that we have a quality service at an affordable price.

As web designers, we need to know what you want to achieve and what your expectations are at this point. Believe it or not a lot of our customers in Wagga Wagga have no idea why they really need a website at this point and that is fine. During this phase we'll learn all about your business and help you understand the myriad of services we can offer you to help achieve your website goals. We'll also generate a free no-obligation quote if you wish to proceed to concept development.

Develop wagga web design strategy

Step 2. Develop a Strategy

At this point you would have already accepted our quote, so welcome to Angry Ant (Wagga web designers). We will also ask for a 25% deposit at this point to commence working on the strategy and concept designs.

Now that we understand what it is you want to achieve we can develop a strategy that matches your business goals. As the client, you will have some input in the strategy development at various stages, but we'll be in the driving seat making suggestions based on our web experience and knowledege. Remember, that's why you're paying us!

Once we've agreed on a strategy, we'll start creating the concept for your web design. Wagga Wagga is our home, but we'll draw on inspiration, trends and design practices from around the globe to build you a unique design. All the while, maintaining our focus on the agreed strategy and purpose of the website.

Client Approval - Wagga web designer

Step 3. Seek Client Approval

Obviously you'll be kept in the loop with the design process and can chime in at any time if you have any queries or suggestions. However, to keep things progressing efficiently and to maximise client satisfaction, we have a number of formal acceptance procedures where we press the pause button and await your approval and feedback. Where changes are requested via constructive feedback, we'll have a discussion with you to ensure they're in YOUR best interests and apply them as required.

Commmon approval changes are at the following stages:

  • Strategy phase (wireframe & moodboard);
  • Conceptual phase (webpage mockup) ; and
  • 'Go live' phase (content and final approval).

During the latter stage of the development you will have access to our development server where you can see a live working version of the development site (hidden from the rest of the world!)

Construct website - Wagga website design

Step 4. Construct the website

During this phase, your custom Wagga web design agency will weave their magic. We'll construct the site based on our previous discussions, strategies, concepts and feedback. So whilst there is not as much communication through this step as others, there'll be no surprises!

Test and launch your Wagga website design

Step 5. Test & Launch the website

Once your site is built, you'll be able to access it on our development server before it goes live. This gives your web designers a chance to test the site in a non-public environment and for you to preview it before the big launch. Most clients opt for a website they can update themselves so we'll give you an on-site training session to make sure you're confident at keeping your web content relevant and accurate.

Once your website is live, we will share it with thousands of Facebook users and help you spread the word. It's important for you to tell the world about your new venture created by the premium Wagga web designers (Angry Ant) and we'll help you by also letting Google know you exist. Ranking well on Google in and outside Wagga Wagga is always a challenge in a competitive market, but we'll give you every chance to make your way up the ranks through quality content that is relevant to your targeted keywords.

Okay all done. Now it's time to sit back and watch the money come in! Well, no. Unfortunately very few successful websites work this way. Every site is different but it's always a good idea to give your site and your fans regular attention. We'll introduce you to web, email and social media marketing solutions to get more out of your website and build a fan-base of potential clients. Most of these are free and just require creativity (and some sweat)!

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